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About The Happy Lentil

The Happy Lentil is a vegan pop-up restaurant, catering company and private food label. We specialize in soulful plant-based comfort food with global appeal.


Our offerings include signature dishes such as our Lentil, Kale & Sweet Potato Chili, as well as global culinary favorites like our Grilled Reuben Sandwich, Mac & Cheese and Eggplant Lasagna. Our catering services are employed for a variety of occasions, including corporate meetings, TV studio cast luncheons, birthday parties, anniversaries, family reunions and other events. Finally, our line of plant-based dips and spreads are currently sold in two metro Atlanta stores.

We created The Happy Lentil to share the many benefits of plant-based cooking and eating with our beloved community. Having personally experienced decreased blood pressure, weight loss and improved mental clarity, we want everyone to experience the joys of a plant-based lifestyle. While our diet is not always perfect, we see this as a lifelong journey. We are constantly striving to cook and eat the best food we possibly can and we encourage everyone we meet to do the same.

One of our favorite things about this experience is the container garden we maintain in the back of our home. We grow our own fresh vegetables and herbs and often use them in preparing our food at home. However, for customers, we source our produce from the farmer’s market and local farms.


Ben Reevers

Business Mgr./Co-Owner


When Angie and I got married years ago, one of our favorite pastimes became cooking together. We would travel and explore restaurants of various cuisines, then we’d get into the kitchen and put our spin on the food we had tasted. We’re both from Birmingham, Alabama, so everything we cook has a southern twist, but definitely appeals to a variety of tastes. Fresh veggies and fruits have always been a major part of what we do, so becoming plant-based was a pretty seamless transition for me, and one that has kept me feeling better than ever. When we decided to devote our lives to this full time, I was excited for the opportunity. I have fond memories of my career in IT, but I'm having a great time sharing our brand of plant-based cooking with our awesome customers.

Angie Reevers



I grew up eating food from my grandparents’ farm in Alabama. I helped my grandmother, mother and aunts pick ingredients straight from the ground and served as one of their little sous chef alongside my siblings and cousins as they created soulful and nutritious meals. As a preteen I began using farm fresh ingredients to develop my own creations. Over time, through travel and exposure to various cultures I was influenced to infuse global favorites with the soulful, veggie-forward culinary point of view of my childhood. So in 2019, I transitioned from my 25-year career in corporate communications and public relations to fulfill this lifelong dream alongside my hubby. And I must say, I absolutely love it!

Turnip Greens and Swiss Chard from Ben & Angie's Container Garden

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